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Our physical archiving solutions for companies

Archives reveal the history of a company or organization and require highly secure services to ensure their long-term preservation. Pelichet, an expert in archive outsourcing since the first relocation of the League of Nations in 1935, offers a complete range of physical and digital archiving solutions. In our dedicated and secure records storage centers, our teams oversee the storage and preservation of paper documents with the utmost confidentiality and service excellence.

Archivage physique de documents confidentiels
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Our Business Expertise

Solutions to improve the management of your archives

  • Pelichet offers personalized and scalable archive outsourcing solutions to secure the preservation of your paper documents in strict compliance with legal retention periods and Swiss legislation.
  • Our dedicated teams are specially trained in the field of archiving, including expert archivists, versatile archivists, historians, technicians, etc.
  • Our teams can help you with your archiving projects by providing consulting services to help you define an effective and sustainable archive management strategy.
  • From the supply of containers/boxes to the management of your archives, including their packaging, inventory, secure transport and eventual destruction, Pelichet’s teams take care of it all.
  • Our physical archiving solutions guarantee the security, traceability, and durability of archived documents. Our containers/boxes are identified with a unique bar code and are randomly placed in our preservation centers.
  • We provide a client portal for the efficient management of your outsourced archives (archive searches and consultations, ordering new services, on-demand digitization, statistics and history, etc.). Your archives will be delivered to your premises by our teams within 24-48 hours.
  • In order to optimize your storage volumes and minimize your outsourcing budget, a disposal proposal is made after the legal retention period. After your double validation, our teams will proceed with the secure destruction of your documents.

Our Archive Conservation Centers

Quality and Security for Your Archives

Archive security is a priority for Pelichet. To ensure optimal security, we implement measures tailored to identified risks.

Anti-intrusion measures: Sites monitored by security guards with night patrols; alarm systems with multiple intrusion detectors; transmission and processing at a 24/7 monitoring center; high-definition video surveillance with recording.

Personnel & access control measures: Our employees have specific archiving qualifications and clean criminal records. They are also bound by confidentiality agreements.
Our locations are equipped with access control systems with dual authentication (QR code and facial recognition).

Flood protection measures: Locations in non-floodable areas, regular maintenance with an annual building maintenance contract, flood detectors connected to a control and intervention center.

Fire protection measures: Fire detection and alarm system, automatic sprinklers with zoned activation, smoke exhaust system, fire hose reels and extinguishers, audible alarms, signal boards and location indicators for emergency equipment, compliant electrical installations, staff training on safety procedures, and annual evacuation drills.

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Archive Outsourcing Process

A unique global network

Through the MOBILITAS network, Pelichet meets the strictest international standards, providing services worthy of our quality standards the world over.

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Helping our customers make the digital transition

Our profession is now at the crossroads of several skills with high technological added value. Resolutely focused on the future, Pelichet offers a complete range of digital solutions for the dematerialization of all your documents and the electronic archiving of your data: information scanning and valorization (LAD, RAD, OCR…), electronic archiving system (EAS), electronic document management (EDM), electronic signature, digital safe, etc.

Our commitment: to increase your efficiency and simplify access to your information.

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Our specialist teams will support and advise you at every stage of your transport needs, whether national or international, and whether you are a company, individual or international organisation. From personal belongings to vehicles, offices to industrial facilities, Pelichet has a solution for you, perfectly tailored to your needs.

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