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Physical, digital and heritage archiving

Archives uncover the history of an organisation, and require first-class services to preserve them. Experts in archive outsourcing since the League of Nations’ first removal in 1935, Pelichet offers a complete range of physical and digital solutions.

With dedicated, secure premises, our teams provide outstanding services to ensure that paper documents are stored and preserved with the utmost confidentiality. Our digitisation specialists also bring their expertise to safeguarding heritage in all its diversity.

Pelichet international removals
Pelichet international removals
Pelichet international removals
Pelichet international removals

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Physical archiving

  • Pelichet’s teams are adapting to Swiss legislation on document retention, with 10 years of experience, and are here to help lead our clients in the transition to digitisation, as encouraged by the government.
  • Our experts will study your archive collections, whether structured or not. In the case of unstructured collections, our teams will sort, catalogue and decontaminate your documents.
  • Our dedicated technicians will take care of securely transporting your documents in special archiving containers.
  • Your documents are managed and stored in complete confidentiality in our facilities, according to your specific requirements.
  • Pelichet can return and consult your archives for the duration of their storage in a secure private space.
  • At the end of the legal period and after receiving double approval from you, our teams will destroy your documents.

Pelichet's safety advantages

  • Dual digital and facial access authentication
  • State-of-the-art CCTV equipment
  • Smoke and flood control system
  • Bar code for identifying archive boxes
  • Random storage for sensitive documents
  • Management by dedicated archiving teams (including archivists, historians and digitisation experts)

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Digital and heritage archiving

  • An expert archivist examines your digital or heritage collections.
  • Our teams work with you to define a bespoke strategy for your collections.
  • All your documents are digitised.
  • Your images are enhanced with appropriate metadata: OCR, XML, EAD.
  • Our specialists work to promote and disseminate your documents using a range of solutions: virtual library, 3D brochure, connected e-book, etc.

Pelichet's digital advantages

  • Document digitisation (including payslips and administrative documents)
  • Cutting-edge technologies for digitisation
  • Possibility of in situ digitisation

Our heritage expertise can be found at

  • 2D, 3D, 360° and audiovisual heritage digitisation
Pelichet international removals
Pelichet protège notre passé avec les solutions du futur

Pelichet protects the past with solutions for the future

A unique global network

Through the MOBILITAS network, Pelichet meets the strictest international standards, providing services worthy of our quality standards the world over.

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A centre of interdisciplinary expertise

Committed to preserving corporate history and heritage, MOBILITAS has set up a centre for interdisciplinary expertise. As the digital custodian of our collective memory, the Group is equipped to preserve, restore, digitise and enhance all types of documents through customised solutions adapted to specific needs.

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Our specialist teams will support and advise you at every stage of your transport needs, whether national or international, and whether you are a company, individual or international organisation. From personal belongings to vehicles, offices to industrial facilities, Pelichet has a solution for you, perfectly tailored to your needs.

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