Pelichet’s CSR policy

Pelichet’s DNA is the integration of social and environmental issues into business activities, solutions and client relations. Offering customised, flexible solutions for 130 years, our Group aims to satisfy the needs of local and international companies, while having a positive and lasting impact on society.

Pelichet, CCO, Stephane

“Our CSR commitments are just the beginning of the long process of setting an example and providing support.”

Stéphane Disant, CEO Pelichet Group

CSR Award from the French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Pelichet

The CCIFS CSR Trophy for Pelichet

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

Pelichet did it! On 5 June, after several months’ work, the Group beat 87 other competitors to win the CSR Award of the French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFS), a major economic event for all stakeholders in bilateral relations.

The prize rewards the Group’s strategic orientation, based on the concept of moving towards more CSR-oriented choices, in terms of clean vehicles, waste management and taking people into account.

Through MOBILITAS, Pelichet complies with the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The Group has also been a partner of Planète Urgence for 11 years in the fight against deforestation and the replanting of trees in dedicated areas around the world, such as Mali, Haiti and Madagascar. The Group promotes a circular economy, and always asks questions in the quest for innovation.

A fleet of clean vehicles

Environmental concerns have become a matter of urgency for conscious companies like Pelichet.

Driven by a Green approach, the Group is reviewing its activities, and responding with the help of partner Fraiking by undertaking a vast project to change its vehicles towards a cleaner fleet, along with eco-responsible driving.

The Group uses only electric or internal combustion vehicles that comply with the Euro 6 standard.

Pelichet, electric vehicles

Since 2020, Pelichet has been focusing on Triple Win and virtuous office recycling

Faced with a growing number of companies redesigning their offices and taking up new work habits, Pelichet had the innovative idea of launching the Triple Win. The concept is to participate in the circular economy and encourage companies to follow in reducing their carbon footprint. The Group brings together companies getting rid of their old offices with a network of companies looking to purchase new furniture.

This recycling initiative helps reduce the number of desks thrown away and leads to tangible economic and environmental gains, while contributing to the energy recovery of waste with Helvetia Environnement.

Labels & certifications

Pelichet incorporates the removal industry’s highest quality standards into every aspect of its business.
The quality of Pelichet Switzerland’s services is recognised by ISO SGS 9001 certification, FAIM Plus accreditation and many others.


People at its heart

Pelichet is aware of the importance of its social action. The Group focuses on providing clients, employees and suppliers with information. We rely on transparent management and dialogue with employees. This new cultural approach gives managers greater responsibility in overseeing health and safety issues in the workplace.

Sport and disability: strong commitments for Pelichet

The determination of Pelichet’s employees is undeniable. As in sport, some tasks are more difficult and require more time and concentration. Thanks to a collective desire to succeed, everyone goes the extra mile to support our clients in Switzerland and abroad.

Driven by this spirit, Pelichet is committed to sport and disability. It supports the brand’s three ambassadors on a daily basis: Céline Van Till, elite cyclist, world champion and ambassador for Handicap International, Mathias Menendez-Garcia, para-snowboarder, and the Geneva Swiss Open, an international wheelchair tennis tournament.

Through their sporting commitments, all three are fighting to reduce the difficulties faced by millions of people with disabilities. Pelichet is committed to working alongside them to succeed together.

Teamwork : the foundation of Pelichet

We support every employee and encourage teamwork to find solutions for our clients.

Mathias Menendez-Garcia, para-snowboarder

"This partnership is not just about me being an ambassador for Health and Safety training in the workplace, it's about Pelichet investing in and recognising the human factor. Thank you for your ongoing support."

Swiss Open Geneva, international wheelchair tennis tournament

« The pleasure of regularly sharing and feeling the strong involvement of Pelichet contributes greatly to the constant evolution of our wheelchair tennis tournament ! »

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