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Removals for international organisations

Since its beginnings with the League of Nations in 1936, Pelichet has supported international organisations (UN, WTO, WHO, etc.), embassies, permanent government missions, NGOs and all institutions in their mobility initiatives. Through decades of cooperation, Pelichet’s experts have in-depth knowledge of each institution’s needs and requirements. We develop bespoke solutions, with a dedicated contact at every stage of the mobility process and ironclad confidentiality. Pelichet has an extensive network in Switzerland, Europe and around the world, enabling us to provide the same services in Singapore as in Rio.

Customised solutions

  • Customised solutions
  • Dedicated teams with over 10 languages spoken by our staff
  • Specific packaging for all belongings (antique furniture, employees’ personal effects, works of art, fragile objects, etc.)
  • Equipment adapted for international transport
  • Reinforced boxes for export
  • Diverse business activities and expertise
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed
  • Flexible teams for implementing projects
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8 steps in moving an international organisation

A unique global network

To better meet the needs of international organisations, Pelichet benefits from the unparalleled network of partners in the MOBILITAS Group, which it joined in 2011.

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Removals per year

Over 130 years of experience

Our experience with international organisations such as the United Nations, Permanent Missions and NGOs brings out the value of our expertise and solutions.

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Our specialist teams will support and advise you at every stage of your transport needs, whether national or international, and whether you are a company, individual or international organisation. From personal belongings to vehicles, offices to industrial facilities, Pelichet has a solution for you, perfectly tailored to your needs.

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